>One week ago I packed up my photography gear and headed to the studio in Georgetown for a photo shoot I spent two weeks preparing for.  I was really excited to see the resulting images from this day and I look forward to having more sessions like this in the future.  Andy’s story is remarkable and inspiring.

Here is his story “Andy joined the Marine Corps straight out of High School. He was wounded in November 2004 while serving with 2nd Recon Battalion in Al Anbar Province during the second invasion of Al Fallujah. As a result of his injuries, he lost his right leg below the knee. Andy was an accomplished athlete before he was injured – finishing his first marathon shortly before being deployed to Iraq – and is determined to be one again. After a speedy recovery from his amputation, Andy joined Soldier Ride in 2005 and biked with other wounded veterans from Washington, DC to New York City.”

Included in this blog entry are some behind the scene images.  Out of the hundreds of images taken, here are my favorite.

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