Celebrating Moms + Professional Family Photographers

Mother’s Day is one month away and I wanted to honor of all the moms out there who are also professional photographers. Here are ten Instagram feeds you should check out.  I’ve been working on this blog post for a few months now and am excited to finally highlight these creative women.  How did I determine who would make the list?  I discovered each photographer through a couple of methods.  Over a one month period of time, I researched Instagram feeds posted on #momswithcameras, #childrenphotography, #momazine and random pop up on my search feed.  The number of followers did not matter, so the ten shown here have anywhere from 150-4K+ followers.

You will also notice that the images are mainly lifestyle family and children photography, which I love.  These women have certainly inspired me, so hopefully you too will enjoy these amazing feeds too.

Kicki Sebastian                                   Based in Los Angeles  IG: nickisebastian  Website:  www.nickisebastian.com

Claire Brighten Photography                               Based in Santa Cruz  IG: clairebrightenphotography  Website:  www.clairebrighten.com

Heather Bays                                   Based in Toronto  IG: heatherbaysphotography  Website:  www.heatherbays.com/blog

Jessica Miller Photography                                   Based in MA IG: jessica.miller.photography Website:  www.jessicamillerphotographystudio.com

Danielle Guenther Photography                                   Based in NYC  IG: danielleguentherphotos  Website:  www.daniellebuentherphotography.com

Katie Rain Photo                                   Based in San Francisco  IG: katierainphoto Website:  www.katierainphotography.com

Amy Wimber Photography                                  Based in Seattle, WA  IG: amywimber  Website:  www.amywimberphotographydesign.com

Erika Leitch Photography                                   Based in Rochester, MN IG: erikaleitchphoto  Website: www.erikaleitch.com

Jess Morgan Photo                                   Based in London IG: jessmorganphoto  Website: www.jessmorganphotography.co.uk

Mandalyn Rael Photography                                   Based in Chicago IG: mandalynrael  Website:  www.mandalynraelphotography.com/blog

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