Kids In The Kitchen Photo Session: Your Kitchen Story

I’ve been working on a new type of photo session for a while now and it’s inspired by my Children’s Lifestyle and Food Blog, Make & Taste.  On a weekly basis I post a recipe and/or food road trip that my kitchen helper and I make or venture out to. It’s all about baking and cooking WITH your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin etc). The act of sharing your passion, spending time together, creating something delicious and building on their fine motor development is what it’s all about. So many other benefits happen in-between all the fun, like learning about different ingredients and not being afraid to try something new.

I have photographed many families in their kitchens over the past few years and love how the documentary, food and family photography all come together to tell their kitchen story. Passing down family food traditions or creating new ones is so impactful to our next generation and I’m capturing it all. What a gift to look back on and remember those times. I know I would love a set of professional images of my mom and I baking in the kitchen, but unfortunately my own memory will have to suffice as she left this world too early. Every time I bake or cook with my kitchen helper I am continuing our family traditions and enjoy creating new ones along the way.

Kitchen Story Photo Session Details:

  • Each session lasts 1 hour. Based on the recipe a finished dish might need to be made a head of time for final food photography.
  • I will captured documentary style photos along with food and portrait photography. Once packaged together they will tell your kitchen story.
  • A keepsake magazine layout will be designed using select images and recipe made.
  • Price: $425.00

To Book: Email Nicole at:
To view more images: Nicole’s Online Portfolio Kitchen Stories

“Everyone should book this! It maybe a photoshoot present for a grandma like “cooking with Grandma” how cool would that be?! Love our baking photos from you!” – Jill
“This was so fun” – Karla
“YOU ARE AMAZING! I will cherish the pics from my session forever!!” – Lindsay


Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photographykids in the kitchen_ nbedardphotog Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography Kids in the kitchen _ nicole bedard photography


Fall Photo Sessions


Capturing The Experience: Kids Sports Photography

I started my photography career over 9 years ago after walking past a digital photography school for a year in Georgetown, D.C.  While at school I enjoyed taking studio lighting classes, on-location portraits, wedding photography and a lot of computer classes. After graduation I started my photography career in the sports and fitness industry. I traveled for two main clients, the largest being Reebok. For years I captured fast action-packed sporting events, lifestyle fitness photography and portraits. (view portfolio here) It was no surprise that once I had my son I ventured into family lifestyle photography and captured the action of babies, toddlers and children during family photo sessions. Those who have kids understand that kids are always on the move.

This spring my son started exploring different sports. It wasn’t until I stepped back onto a sports field that I felt a full circle moment, action sports photography was back in my life. This time around there was a big difference than in previous sports coverage. I was not out to capture the critical winning point, pain of defeat or strain of moving a big weight. My goal was to capture the experience of a child taking on a sport that was new to them. The thrill of kicking a ball correctly, friendships being made, the smile of pure joy running to a base and/or climbing to a new height on a rock wall. I’m excited to capture all these new discoveries and document the experience of sports from where it all begins. Below is the start of capturing this type of sports photography. Stay tuned for more adventures. If you have a sports photography project that needs a professional touch, please email me at

Kids Sports Photography

Kids Sports Photography
kids sports photography kids sports photography


Location, Location! A Lifestyle Photography Session

As a photographer I am constantly finding locations for a perfect photoshoot session. I catalog them in my head, make note of different set ups and plan to visit again as soon as a client comes along that will make the location come to life. A close friend of mine was visiting from out of state with her two blue-eyed children in tow and I knew it was a perfect time to revisit a local farm that has the most amazing birch trees and weathered barn. In all seriousness I have been waiting for years to photograph these birch trees and my friend’s cutest little 18 month old girl was the ideal person to make this on-location photoshoot a true success.

So if you are ready for your next family photo session send me an email to  I can’t wait to hear from you!

A New Type Of Photo Session: A Slice Of Life

Family photography is evolving to more than just the traditional portrait. It’s always nice to have a perfect portrait to look back on and reflect on a specific time and place, but what if you had high quality photos of how your family lived their daily lives. All the silliness, crying, climbing, jumping, spinning and running that makes up your everyday, sometimes chaotic life. Yes, it’s not always glamorous and many times it’s ridiculous, but that is real life. We all have camera phones and try to capture those fleeting moments but with low light or fast moving subjects the pictures never become worthy of a second or third look. I know I have had moments when I thought, “now this is a photo” and I was holding my child on one hip, carrying multiple bags and then trying to open the door to the house. Ridiculous, but if I had that image now, I would love to see how I was “living” during that stage of my life. Maybe ten years from now I would reflect back to that old house or my son wearing his favorite shoes or hat, so many memories captured in one image.

This new session offering is called “A Slice Of Life” and will be a 1 hour session and cost $325. Included in this cost is 5 digital images of your choice, photography time, editing and a private album to view, order and share. This is a spin off of a session many photographers offer called “Day In The Life”, which requires 4-6 hours of your time and over $1,000.00. I believe that so many families would cherish these photos that can be attainable during a “A Slice Of Life” session. So who’s ready to capture all the “fun” that makes your family unique? Have questions? I would love to hear from you.  Email me at:

Check out my portfolio of “A Slice Of Life” work

slice of life nicole bedard photography

Slice Of Life Photo Session Nicole Bedard Photography Slice Of Life Photo Session Nicole Bedard Photography Slice Of Life Photo Session Nicole Bedard Photography

Discover 3 New Ways To Inspire Your Junior Photographer

Children are curious and love to be creative. Photography is just that, a creative outlet and a chance for them to capture memories of a vacation, local trip to a farm and/or family visiting them at home. They are in control for the most part of taking photos of their surrounding and anything goes. It could be a pile of dirt or the clouds in the sky. It’s their story. My child loves to recap all the fun he had by looking back at the photos (thank god for digital) and discussing fine details that we didn’t cover while we where at a particular place. Providing some focus can also yield some fun and creative photography from your child. Here are three fun photography assignments for kids at any level of experience can try.

Day In The Life – My child and I are often on a local adventure at least once per week. Below you will find some Day In The Life pumpkin patch and local farm images he captured. The only guidance I might suggest is taking an overall image of the environment they are in as well as some detail images.

3 Fun Photo Assignments for Kids
3 Fun Photo Assignments for Kids

Collage – When my child first starting capturing images with his camera he ran around the house and was taking images of some of his favorite toys, rooms, closets, bedrooms, and random objects. (As seen below)  You can further focus your junior photographer by assigning them to only capture objects that are a certain color, meal they ate at dinner, or art they made at school. Essentially, any items that you can group together and tell a story.

3 fun photo assignments for kids

Family Tree – Maybe you have some relatives who live nearby that you often visit or with the holiday’s approaching you plan to travel to see family. This assignment has your photographer capturing a portrait of your family members and creating a family tree. You can go further and have them capturing portraits of their friends and create a friend tree as well. I’m sure they will be able to capture some great expressions with these portraits. I’m working with my junior photographer on this assignment now, but wanted to show the first portrait in this series which is me taking a picture of course.

3 fun photo assignment for kids