21 Images That Will Have You Booking A Fall Trip To Cape Cod

Summer is the most popular time of the year for travelers to enjoy the sun, surf and food of Cape Cod, but I prefer the Fall. I no longer have to fight traffic, wait in long lines at restaurants or struggle to finding a spot for my chair on the beach. If you want to enjoy the cute shops, great food and walks on the beach, the fall season is for you too. I traveled to Chatham, Cape Cod, which still has the majority of their shops and restaurant opens during this time. My favorite beaches transform into a private oasis with an occasional dog walker going by. The weather can vary, but if planned well you can still enjoy a day in the 60’s, which is perfect to me.

Chatham is located at the “elbow” of the Cape Cod. If looking at any map you can see that the land actually depicts an arm and the “elbow” is exactly where Chatham falls. It was settled by the English in 1664 and became a community of fishing, whaling and shipping. Since the town is at such a critical point of navigation by sea the Chatham Lighthouse was established in 1808 by President Thomas Jefferson. You can also visit the Chatham Light and enjoy the beach that has endured many storms in its day. The historical feel of the town still exists in the architecture today.  It is this historic charm that keeps me visiting several times a year and makes me appreciate its beauty all year round.

(Chatham Cape Cod Facts)

Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel


Road Trip: Cape Cod

Road Trip

Now that the weather is warming up in New England it’s always fun to take road trips to favorite destinations like Cape Cod.  The weather is always a mix of fog, bright sun, rain and windy beach breezes, so it’s important to pack warm and cool weather clothes.  Seasonal stores and ice cream shops are also opening up during this time so you can enjoy these places without the summer crowds.  Here are a few images of a recent road trip.  We enjoyed the beach at various temperatures, downtown shops and of course ice cream.  If you would like to learn more about my approach to travel photography then check out my recent photography blog on Holl and Lane Magazine: Travel Photography

Safe travels to your future road tips!


cape cod 2 nbphotog-2

UConn Photo Story: Dairy Bar and Animal Barns


I discovered the UConn dairy bar a few years ago and look forward to returning every summer since.  The weather finally hit 70’s this past week and I decided to take my son to explore the animal barns and enjoy some ice cream.

Here are a few things to keep in mind prior to visiting.  uconn map

  1. I typically visit during the summer when school is out and there is less traffic.
  2. They have decreased the parking at the dairy bar so getting there early is ideal.
  3. You need to drive to each animal barn and the ice cream shop.  Here is a helpful map to help you plan your visit.


UCONN Dairy Bar_nbphotog

UCONN Details_nbphotog

UCONN Horses_nbphotog-3


iPhone Photography: Boston Day Trip to Children’s Museum

This week my son and I traveled to the Boston Children’s Museum.  Every time I visit a park, museum and/or playground I notice the majority of parents are capturing images of their children using smartphones.  So I decided to only capture photos of our adventures with my iPhone, but I wanted to still make creative images to tell the story of our trip.  When shooting indoors, light can be a factor and the Children’s Museum contained some low light play spaces, so the iPhone didn’t perform as strong as an SLR, but with some editing the images worked.  Of course any day trip has to also include architecture and food (i.e. Espresso).  One can still capture creative images of their children with a smartphone, but knowing the cameras limits will only improve the outcome.

I used the standard iPhone camera and/or the Manual App, for example, to slow the shutter down for the water pouring image.  Once I returned home I used Lightroom to edit images.  Most of the photos just needed to have the contrast and shadow increased.  Of course these edits could also be done with apps, such as Snapseed.

Children Museums
CoffeeDetails_ Boston-2

First Flight: Traveling with a Toddler Across the Country

I’ve wanted to travel, via airplane, with my son for some time, but there was always something that made me hesitate and not book the tickets: his age, temperament, fear, other parents horror stories, the list could go on.  Growing up my family always took a yearly vacation and I’m glad my parents made the effort to travel so we could see different parts of the world.  I would like my son to experience new places as well and when the opportunity presented itself I took a huge leap and booked tickets across the country to San Francisco for a family event.

During the month leading up to our departure I often experienced stressful thoughts of the unknown and ran through my list of to-do’s over and over in my head on a daily basis.  So many things are out of my control, so we both needed to be flexible once travel day arrived.

One of the first things I did was to contact other moms I knew that have flown with their small children so I could get some tips and tricks.  Here are the take aways from other traveling moms.



To sum up my adventure, it was a great trip and I’m happy I took the leap of faith.  Did he freak out on the plane? Yes, on the return flight.  Apparently, sitting with a seatbelt while taking off wasn’t his thing which was a lesson learned.  Here are some highlight images from my trip.


SF Trip and Airplane-3