Discover 3 New Ways To Inspire Your Junior Photographer

Children are curious and love to be creative. Photography is just that, a creative outlet and a chance for them to capture memories of a vacation, local trip to a farm and/or family visiting them at home. They are in control for the most part of taking photos of their surrounding and anything goes. It could be a pile of dirt or the clouds in the sky. It’s their story. My child loves to recap all the fun he had by looking back at the photos (thank god for digital) and discussing fine details that we didn’t cover while we where at a particular place. Providing some focus can also yield some fun and creative photography from your child. Here are three fun photography assignments for kids at any level of experience can try.

Day In The Life – My child and I are often on a local adventure at least once per week. Below you will find some Day In The Life pumpkin patch and local farm images he captured. The only guidance I might suggest is taking an overall image of the environment they are in as well as some detail images.

3 Fun Photo Assignments for Kids
3 Fun Photo Assignments for Kids

Collage – When my child first starting capturing images with his camera he ran around the house and was taking images of some of his favorite toys, rooms, closets, bedrooms, and random objects. (As seen below)  You can further focus your junior photographer by assigning them to only capture objects that are a certain color, meal they ate at dinner, or art they made at school. Essentially, any items that you can group together and tell a story.

3 fun photo assignments for kids

Family Tree – Maybe you have some relatives who live nearby that you often visit or with the holiday’s approaching you plan to travel to see family. This assignment has your photographer capturing a portrait of your family members and creating a family tree. You can go further and have them capturing portraits of their friends and create a friend tree as well. I’m sure they will be able to capture some great expressions with these portraits. I’m working with my junior photographer on this assignment now, but wanted to show the first portrait in this series which is me taking a picture of course.

3 fun photo assignment for kids


A Food Filled Evening With Chef Lindsay Perkins | Lindsay Culinary LLC

As a photographer I love to capture honest expressions and tell the story of the person and/or group of individuals that I photograph. After a shoot I typically drive home thinking about the event and am excited to review all of the images. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing a Cooking Team Building event coordinated by Chef Lindsay Perkins of Lindsay Culinary LLC. This event was nothing short of exciting and fun. Lindsay thoughtfully coordinated the 150 person event for her client, Aetna Insurance. The attendees traveled from all parts of the country and started their night with a brief cocktail hour, all while Lindsay and her team strategically set up the event space with local ingredients for them to transform into their evening meals. No detail was forgotten, every place setting contained a recipe card, apron, and require cookware to complete the specific recipe.

Once the attendees entered into the event space it was fun to watch them find out what table they were going to sit at and what recipe they were going to create with their new found friends. However, before they started Lindsay had a surprise to kick off the event. She called up the Aetna executive team to a long banquet table, which displayed 10 mini cakes, piping bags filled with company colored frosting, and decorations. The executive board was then challenged to decorate their cakes, which would be voted on throughout the evening. Attendees were up on their feet, clapping, cheering, and taking video of the action. Needless to say I was thinking about all the fun images captured as I was driving home that night, and of course I had to download all of them and review before going to bed. Check out a few highlights from the evening and consider a Cooking Team Building event for your company.

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Lindsay Culinary Event Photography
Lindsay Culinary Event Photography
Lindsay Culinary Event Photography
Lindsay Culinary Event Photography
Lindsay Culinary Event Photography
Lindsay Culinary Event Photography

3 Tips For Your Young Photographer

When my 4.5 year old took an interest in photography I was excited to show him everything I knew, but also realized that he is only 4.5 so a few tips and freedom to be creative is the best approach to foster his latest interest. If you have a budding photographer in your household here are a few tips to get them started. I should also add that these tips apply to any camera they are using whether it’s an old cell phone, point and shoot camera or even a kid specific camera like Vtech.

What type of subjects does your young photographer like to take pictures of?  Leave a comment below

3 tips for your young photographer

Always Telling A Story: Latest Projects and Future Goals

It has been too long since I last posted, but if you follow Make & Taste you would know where I have been hiding out.  Baking and photographing recipes with my kitchen helper every week takes up a lot of time, but pre-school is back in session and more work time equals more posts on both blogs.  I’m working on a few posts now and just wanted to say “Hi” before they go live.

In the meantime I put together a few of my favorite images from the past few months.  Feel free to contact me at for any questions, collaboration and/or project inquires.


The Best of 2016!

This year has been full of fun and exciting projects.  When I was building this post I couldn’t believe all that I accomplished during the past year.  I landed my first magazine cover, which was a huge bucket list item for me.  Lifestyle photography was a large part of my assignments this year and I was happy to capture images for families and incorporate this style of photography to my new big project, Make & Taste blog.  Make & Taste has also brought on food photography assignments and I’m so happy I can apply both styles for one purpose.   I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring and grateful for all your support along the way.  The below work is a small snippet of my favorite images over the year.