21 Images That Will Have You Booking A Fall Trip To Cape Cod

Summer is the most popular time of the year for travelers to enjoy the sun, surf and food of Cape Cod, but I prefer the Fall. I no longer have to fight traffic, wait in long lines at restaurants or struggle to finding a spot for my chair on the beach. If you want to enjoy the cute shops, great food and walks on the beach, the fall season is for you too. I traveled to Chatham, Cape Cod, which still has the majority of their shops and restaurant opens during this time. My favorite beaches transform into a private oasis with an occasional dog walker going by. The weather can vary, but if planned well you can still enjoy a day in the 60’s, which is perfect to me.

Chatham is located at the “elbow” of the Cape Cod. If looking at any map you can see that the land actually depicts an arm and the “elbow” is exactly where Chatham falls. It was settled by the English in 1664 and became a community of fishing, whaling and shipping. Since the town is at such a critical point of navigation by sea the Chatham Lighthouse was established in 1808 by President Thomas Jefferson. You can also visit the Chatham Light and enjoy the beach that has endured many storms in its day. The historical feel of the town still exists in the architecture today.  It is this historic charm that keeps me visiting several times a year and makes me appreciate its beauty all year round.

(Chatham Cape Cod Facts)

Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel
Chatham Cape Cod Travel


Road Trip: Cape Cod

Road Trip

Now that the weather is warming up in New England it’s always fun to take road trips to favorite destinations like Cape Cod.  The weather is always a mix of fog, bright sun, rain and windy beach breezes, so it’s important to pack warm and cool weather clothes.  Seasonal stores and ice cream shops are also opening up during this time so you can enjoy these places without the summer crowds.  Here are a few images of a recent road trip.  We enjoyed the beach at various temperatures, downtown shops and of course ice cream.  If you would like to learn more about my approach to travel photography then check out my recent photography blog on Holl and Lane Magazine: Travel Photography

Safe travels to your future road tips!


cape cod 2 nbphotog-2

Summer Road Trip: Chatham, MA

This summer has been full of fun adventures with my family.  We traveled to Chatham, MA several times since it’s only a few hours away on Cape Cod.  I have been spending summers in Chatham since I was a kid, almost 30 years now, yikes!  The most fun was experiencing all the “firsts” with my two year old son.  I’m so happy he loves the beach and it was a joy watching him run through the waves and throw rocks into the ocean.  Before becoming a mom I would have slept in on vacation, but now that’s not the case.  It’s a good thing that I’m a morning person because the 6am wake up wasn’t too much of a shock to the system, especially since we could be walking the beach together by 6:30am.  I wanted to share some of my favorite images taken to tell the story of our summer at the beach.  Most of these images were shot with my iPhone 6 as I decided to travel light and leave the majority of my gear at home.  I’m also including how I pack for a toddler to help any mom’s out there looking for some tips.

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First thing first, packing.
I have always used this secret tool when packing for my son, from infant to toddler.  This tool is probably overlooked by most and discarded, so next time you purchase sheets and/or pillow shams, keep the plastic containers.   That’s right, I retained the plastic containers and used them to pack clothes, diapers and a baby monitor.  Why? It’s a lot easier and faster to find what you are looking for when you can see the items.  If you were to pack all the items loosely in the bag you would be digging around and wasting time.  Hope this tip helps!  Happy packing.  (the weekender bag used is by Blue Claw Co.) Packing_NBP-3 Packing_NBP Packing_NBP-6 Here are a few of my favorite images from our family adventures. Chatham_NBP_May
Chatham_NBP_July-2 Early morning walks and digging. EarlyMorning_NBP

Digging in the sand with Grandpa
Endless fun in the water
End-of-summer party
End-of-summer party
Enjoying some downtime at the house

Beach We can’t forget about the food.
Sundae School Ice Cream is a must; Chatham Candy Manor chocolate Shark Bite Pop was too good to pass up; my homemade chocolate chip cookies for a family cookout and the Chatham Bars Inn swordfish tacos!

Thanks for another fun summer Chatham!

A Blizzard at the Beach: Photo Story

On February 8-9, 2013 the Northeast was hit with the fifth largest storm on record, named Nemo.  Many towns saw record snowfall from two to three feet.  During the storm I happened to be in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod.  This area witnessed high winds and 10+ inches of snow.  The day after the storm it was a winter wonderland and it was great to see the sun again.  Luckily I had my camera gear and headed to the beach to document life after Nemo.  It was a strange feeling to be walking on sand in full winter ski gear, but the contrast of summer and winter was fun to photograph.  Here are some of my favoriate images.


©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-2 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-1 

                    ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-1-3 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-11

©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-3                    ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-8 ©NicoleBedardPhotography_Blizzard13_Chatham-10