Location, Location! A Lifestyle Photography Session

As a photographer I am constantly finding locations for a perfect photoshoot session. I catalog them in my head, make note of different set ups and plan to visit again as soon as a client comes along that will make the location come to life. A close friend of mine was visiting from out of state with her two blue-eyed children in tow and I knew it was a perfect time to revisit a local farm that has the most amazing birch trees and weathered barn. In all seriousness I have been waiting for years to photograph these birch trees and my friend’s cutest little 18 month old girl was the ideal person to make this on-location photoshoot a true success.

So if you are ready for your next family photo session send me an email to nicole@nbphotog.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


The Best of 2016!

This year has been full of fun and exciting projects.  When I was building this post I couldn’t believe all that I accomplished during the past year.  I landed my first magazine cover, which was a huge bucket list item for me.  Lifestyle photography was a large part of my assignments this year and I was happy to capture images for families and incorporate this style of photography to my new big project, Make & Taste blog.  Make & Taste has also brought on food photography assignments and I’m so happy I can apply both styles for one purpose.   I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring and grateful for all your support along the way.  The below work is a small snippet of my favorite images over the year.




So Darn Cute! Children and Baby Product Photography

Header_product photography_ nbphotog-2

It’s no surprise that products created for children and babies are so darn cute.  Over the past three years as a mom and taking numerous families portraits, these products are always a fun detail to add to an image.  I have shared so many photos of my lifestyle work that this week I wanted to share some product photography.  As a disclaimer, I photographed these images for personal use and was not contracted by these companies.  These toys and shoes were/are some of my toddlers favorites, so why not memorialize them.  Contact me at nicole@nbphotog.com for your children and baby product photography needs! Check out more of my Commercial Work by clicking on the link.

Product Photography_nbphotog


Honoring Mom

This week I wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms I have had the honor of photographing over the years.  Cheers to you and everything you do for your kids.  Wishing you a weekend full of pampering and appreciation.


mothers day_fitmom

mothers day _CS

mothers day_LR


Easy Editing Tips: Lightroom and Snapseed Applications

quick edit blog

This week I wanted to demonstrate some quick editing tips to show you how a great image can turn into an amazing image.  I recall one of my photography school instructors quoting Ansel Adams “You don’t take an image, you create an image”, which struck a cord with me because I believe most people click the button, download and share with family and friends.  Editing an image enhances what is already there.  So before you hit the share button, take a few minutes and edit.

The image below was taken by a friend of mine, who is not a professional photographer, but has been shooting for a number of years and is always working on improving his photography skills.  When he showed me this image I thought it would be perfect for this edit demonstration.  I knew the image would benefit from a few simple adjustments.  My goal was to bring out the texture of the back wall, decrease the highlights on the toddler, since it was a bit overexposed, and a simple crop to remove the grass and straighten out the composition.  Watch the video below to see the step by step edit!

Original Photo Taken: f 2.8, 51mm, ISO 800 1/400sec

LIGHTROOM (full desktop version used)

Editing Image from Lightroom
Finished Lightroom Edit


Snapseed is an app I often use to edit images taken on my phone.  I wanted to use the same image to demonstrate the simple edits one can make to enhance a photo.

FullSizeRender 22
Finished Snapseed Edit

IMG_0951 IMG_0952

IMG_0953 IMG_0955