Location, Location! A Lifestyle Photography Session

As a photographer I am constantly finding locations for a perfect photoshoot session. I catalog them in my head, make note of different set ups and plan to visit again as soon as a client comes along that will make the location come to life. A close friend of mine was visiting from out of state with her two blue-eyed children in tow and I knew it was a perfect time to revisit a local farm that has the most amazing birch trees and weathered barn. In all seriousness I have been waiting for years to photograph these birch trees and my friend’s cutest little 18 month old girl was the ideal person to make this on-location photoshoot a true success.

So if you are ready for your next family photo session send me an email to nicole@nbphotog.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


On-Location Portrait Session: Elizabeth Park, CT

This portrait session was full of sunshine, smiles and skipping.  Clara did a fantastic job following direction and letting us know when she needed a water break.  Who would blame her, it’s June in CT, so the humidity and heat was pretty high during the shoot.  She will be off to pre-school in the fall so this session definitely captured this great time in her life.

On-location photo shoots always bring an element of surprise and weather challenges, but as a photographer I need to adapt and troubleshoot on the fly.  Since this shoot was taking place outside my client and I opted for a day with less humidity and rain.  Elizabeth Park is a public garden located in Hartford, CT and the mid-week afternoon portrait session meant a lot of other visitors on the grounds of the garden, especially the center gazebo.  So when I saw an opportunity to capture the first shot posted below I went for it and am so happy with the results.

My on-location photography tips are: First, scout the location before the session, if possible.  Second, be flexible.  Weather changes and client needs always need to be addressed.  Finally, be patient.  Timing and seeing the shot unfold will improve your images drastically.  When shooting in a public space, many times you just have wait a few minutes for people to walk out of your shot.