On Assignment: The Art Behind CT Craft Beer Labels

The Connecticut beer trail is on fire and with 90 breweries open and 17 pending. According to the CT Brewers Guild, competition to attract an audience is on an all time high. Besides the great beers inside the cans, the exterior artwork among all these breweries is fascinating and helps brands stand out from the competition. I knew the topic of label art would be a great addition to the Winter issue of CT Food & Farm Magazine and was excited to be assigned to highlight the amazing artistry and people behind Black Hog Brewing Co. (full article at the bottom of the post)

The photo assignment consisted of two separate photo shoots. I knew I wanted to capture images on canning day since it would provide some action into the process of making beer. It was so much fun to watch the process and capture images all around the brewery. The guys at Black Hog were so generous with their time and talking to me about their whole operation. The second photo shoot was at Max Toth’s art studio. Max is the mastermind behind the Black Hog’s branding and artistry of every release the brewery has had. My goal was to capture his process and how he worked. The reflection shots seen below were captured at this studio. Once I spotted the glass topped black table, I knew I had to use that to capture the can line up. No special lighting was used and luckily one of the back walls was white. I was so happy with the results and I could have stayed all day shooting.
Below you will find highlights of some of my favorite images that were not seen in the article, plus some behind the scenes work. (see more on my website: BlackHogBrewing)

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On Assignment: The Art Behind CT Craft Beer Labels On Assignment: The Art Behind CT Craft Beer Labels

On Assignment: The Art Behind CT Craft Beer Labels
On Assignment: The Art Behind CT Craft Beer Labels

Beer Can Art Cover Image
Beer Can Art




Then and Now, 9 Year Review Of My Portrait Photography

The photography industry has changed so much since I started my journey as a professional photographer 9 years ago. (www.nbphotog.com) The most notable is social media. Although Facebook was around, Instagram had not taken off. I can only imagine my classmates taking video during photo class and documenting all the good and “shouldn’t be seen” images we created together. Having a blog was the biggest outlet for us to document and share with the world. Today we can post an image and have worldwide reach instantly, be inspired by other photographers all around the world with a simple scroll of Instagram and gain advice/classes from experts in the field online. As I kick off my tenth year, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on my portrait photography. Many people may know my sports-action work from the start of my career, but since the beginning I have always enjoyed portraits, both studio and on-location.

These 34 images below represent some of my favorite portraits over the years, some date back from my first year at photography school all the way to 2018. There are stories behind each one, like when I scaled a 20ft ladder and was shooting down on Noah climbing a rope. I was not harnessed in at all and he must of climbed that rope 20 times to get the shot. But we got the shot and it’s still a favorite image. In 2016 one of my images landed on the cover of a magazine, which was one of those impossible bucket list items I thought about back in photography school. I had been working with a national magazine and luckily my friend was willing to pose for me in sub 30 degree weather, all while pretending it was spring to get the summer cover shot.

I’m excited for more creative assignments in 2019. I’m expanding by including more Personal Brand Photography work, blog post coming soon, as I love supporting entrepreneurs and capturing what and how they live their passion. Please contact me for your next photography project and follow along on my journey on any of these social media accounts


9 Years Of Portraits
9 Years Of PortraitsPortrait Photography Review Portrait Photography Review9 Years Of Portraits